Here are a few videos from my YouTube channel:

Get to the choppa! And fly over the Ballpark in Arlington where 51,000 screaming fans are preparing to watch the Rangers defeat the Cardinals thanks to a masterful performance by Derek Holland, a monstrous homer by Mitch Moreland and yet another clutch double by Mike Napoli. I overcranked my camera to get this slow-mo “Apocalypse Now” effect.

I put together the above video in honor of my grandfather, William Steward, who died in 2006. We showed this at his funeral. I’ve done a lot of video editing for work, but I’ve never been prouder of something I did. He always liked it when I played “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” for him, so I did it one more time.

This Venetian violinist, Joseph Miotti, absolutely entranced me. I couldn’t help but capture a bit of his playing.

Hook ’em Horns. Well, not that night, but I still got to see them in the Rose Bowl as a fan. I saw the Vince Young game from the press box — no cheering.

One of my favorite songs, as seen from my vantage point at Stubb’s.